Awakening the Soul - Seated Qigong and Meditation - Meeting Online

Awakening the Soul is a form of Sheng Zhen Meditation - in Motion and Stillness. This seated, meditative movement practice opens the heart, to cultivate unconditional love and connect your own life force with the qi, or energy, of the whole universe. The movements are accompanied by inspirational, poetic contemplations to help you feel more optimistic and at peace. As this form has 8 movements, it’s an easy process to learn and a practice that takes less than 20 minutes. Students will have plenty of class time to learn through repetition. Gathering Qi, a simple standing qigong practice, will also be taught. Suitable for any fitness level. Please wear comfortable clothing.

  • Fee: $79
  • Item #: 7098
  • Winter 2021

    Class payments will be delayed, but you will be considered registered (unless you are added to the waitlist) for a class even though payment is not complete. Payment will be completed by March 8 and might show up on a later statement.
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  • The instructor was extremely patient, thorough, and explained the movements well. She cared that each student learn the movements by gently correcting all of throughout the course. She also added a spiritual depth by encouraging us to use our breath throughout the movements and discussing the contemplations that went along with the movements.

    - Student