Schlock Cinema

Overdrawn at the Organ Bank Our spring Schlock selection offers a mad melding of movies reminding us we are only the sum of our parts when they’re in the original wrapper. We start off with Kong Island (1968) a mistitled Italian film that fails to deliver an island or a 25-foot tall anti-hero, but it does offer weaponized, mind-controlled apes and mute jungle girl clad in animal skins. Then, in Fury of the Wolfman (1972) a professor traveling in Tibet is bitten by a yeti…and transformed into a werewolf. When the professor bites his cheating ex-wife, she becomes a werewolf as well, and then things get really hairy. Is it over yeti? Friends, we’ve only begun. Somewhere between The Exorcist and The Omen lies Good Against Evil (1977), an ABC TV series pilot about a travel writer who teams up with an exorcist to battle Satan and his minions. Later, a herpetologist restores the beauty of a horrifically scarred lounge singer with a serum derived from the dead in Atom Age Vampire (1960). Finally, we enlist you in Roger Corman’s riff on Star Wars and The Seven Samurai with Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) a low-rent space opera in which seven galactic mercenaries aim to save a peaceful planet from a ruthless conqueror who promises to prolong the life of his mutant horde by harvesting the organs of the conquered. Gross.

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  • May 14, 2020 to Jun 11, 2020
  • 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Session(s): 5; Thursday
  • Location : LB Bldg, Room 1131
    9600 College Way North,Seattle,98103

  • Fee: $79
  • Item #: 7278
  • Spring 2020

What I like best about the class is Fred's knowledge and passion about the subject. Fred makes you feel like you are at home with a bunch of your friends.

- Eric