Continuing Education and COVID-19 FAQs


Are spring classes going to be cancelled?

At this time, we are reviewing spring classes that will be impacted by the on-going COVID-19 situation. We will be working with the instructor to determine if the class can be moved to an online format or postponed to start at a later date. If neither of these options is possible, then we will need make a decision to cancel the class for spring. We will make every effort, via phone and email, to update students as soon as we are aware of any changes to the status of a class. If a class is cancelled before it begins, students will receive a full refund. You can read more about Continuing Ed's cancellation and refund policy here. See below for list of classes that had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Can I still register for spring classes?

Absolutely! You can view the spring schedule and register online here. But as usual, feel free to call us at 206-934-3705 if you have any questions or would like to register over the phone. We’ll be happy to help you!

Will I receive a refund?

Yes, if your spring class is cancelled you will receive a full refund. Please be advised that because the college is working remotely, refunds may take longer than usual. 

What if my class isn’t cancelled but I’m uncomfortable attending?

King County Public Health has recommended that any gatherings of more than 9 people be cancelled in light of COVID-19 concerns. Some of our classes are quite small and may meet as scheduled. We have rescheduled any classes meeting in person to begin in late May when we hope the situation has improved. However, please use your own judgment in determining whether to attend class.                            

I’m an au pair and registered for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). My last class was cancelled and I can’t get my instructor signature. What happens now?  Will I get my hours?

If your class has been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns and you are unable to get your instructor's signature on the CEU form, please email us a copy of your CEU form. Your instructor will provide the attendance roster which we will use to issue your credits in lieu of instructor signature. Because this cancellation is based on circumstances beyond your control, we will be including the hours of cancelled classes in calculating your CEUs.

I have class materials on campus. How can I get those?

If you have work that was in-progress in one of our art classes, we are making every effort to arrange for it to be available for pick up. We are notifying students via email once arrangements have been made.   

Is North Seattle College campus still open?

The college has moved to remote operations starting Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27. The college will resume operations on Monday, March 30, pending guidance from public health professionals. You will be able to register for classes online at We will be responding to emails if you want to reach us at If you call with a question or to register for a class, please leave a message with your name and phone number and we will return your call.

Beginning Monday, March 9, Seattle Colleges announced that all classes at all three campuses would be moving from in-person classroom instruction to the appropriate alternative modality for each class, when and where possible. This will continue through the end of the Winter Quarter (March 25). The move is in accordance with the COVID-19 recommendations from Public Health, Seattle and King County, to reduce large numbers of people coming together at the same time. The college has a Coronavirus page you may refer to for updates:

List of Spring Quarter cancelled classes


Title Instructor
Argentine Tango: Experience the Passion! Michelle Badion
Astrology for Personal Growth Amanda Moreno
Basic Hands-On Home Repair and Maintenance Peter Marx
Basic Sign Language Dennice Jordan
Beginning Ballet for Adults Bri Wilson
Beginning Ceramics Gary Georger
Beginning Ceramics Liz Duarte
Beginning Guitar 1 Doug Zangar
Beginning Guitar 1 Doug Zangar
Beginning Jewelry Fabrication Robert Graham
Beginning Piano Li-Cheng Hung
Beginning Piano Peter Henry
Beginning Sewing II O'Lisa Johnson
Beginning Tai Chi (Grasping the Sparrow's Tail) Dennis Sharp
Boxes and Lockets Julia Lowther
Camera Basics: What's That Button For? Leslie Saber
Ceramics Open Studio North Seattle Staff
Ceramics Open Studio North Seattle Staff
Comics Memoir Kelly Froh
Continuing Tai Chi (Grasping the Sparrow's Tail 2) Dennis Sharp
Conversational Japanese I Risami Nakamura-Lambert
Conversational Japanese II Risami Nakamura-Lambert
Creative Writing: Beyond the Basics Steve Lorton
Drawing Basics: Right Brain Method Lee Wallat
Drawing with Confidence Susan Schneider
Fitness for Travelers Nancy Mattheiss
French Travel Essentials Janice Brown
Home Remodeling 101 Peter Marx
Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics Jake Brodsky
Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics Liz Duarte
Introduction to Soap Making Janey Davies
Investment Basics: Finding Your "Inner Investor" Miles Goodwin
Italian Travel Essentials Janice Brown
Jazz Ensemble Fred Radke
Jewelry Open Studio Peggy Foy
Knife Skills Debbie Brownstein
Learning in Action- An Introduction to the Alexander Technique Stacy Gehman
Lightroom for Photographers Leslie Saber
Navigating Life Transitions Mariko Navin
Orientation to Adult Family Home Administration Program DSHS Instructor
Philosophy and Everyday Life Richard Farr
Polymer Clay Workshop Meredith Arnold
Queer-Friendly Swing & Western Two-Step Dance MaryLee Lykes
Schlock Cinema Fred Hopkins
Sign Language - Level 3 Dennice Jordan
So You Think You Can't Dance MaryLee Lykes
Spanish II Accelerated Vsevolod (Seva) Rzhondkovsky
Strength and Conditioning  Carolyn Brenith
The Art of Calligraphy: Expressive Calligraphy- Postponed Cathy Shiovitz
The Art of Creative Writing Steve Lorton
The World of Poker Allan Lazar
Using Devised Theater as a Catalyst for Social Change Sophe Friedman
Watercolors for Everyone Susan Schneider
Word 2016 - Level 1 Mikel Anne Aldrich
Word 2016 - Level 2 Mikel Anne Aldrich
Word 2016 - Level 3 Mikel Anne Aldrich
Word 2016 - Series Mikel Anne Aldrich
Yoga for Everyone Tara Bernstein