Instructor Spotlight: Meet Angela Dane

Meet Angela Dane
Audio Engineers are in high demand! Continuing Education at North Seattle College has created an Audio Engineering program for professionals looking to enhance their skill set or to enter a new exciting career path. Meet Audio Engineering Instructor Angela Dane! Angela is one of three instructors that makes up our audio engineering instructional team. She is passionate about teaching and has been an instructor for almost 10 years and enjoys the creative freedom continuing education classes allow her.

6 Classes that Inspire Creativity

6 Classes that Inspire Creativity
The winter months can be challenging here in the Pacific Northwest. Sunlight hours are short, and the weather typically brings more rain than sunshine. As a result, finding inspiration and creativity become more important than ever to combat the effects the winter months bring. Continuing Education at North Seattle College has several classes to inspire your creative side this quarter. Find out what 6 classes can help you jump start the new year!

5 Classes for Professional Development

Professional Development Classes
Continuing Education at North Seattle College offers several professional development classes both online and in person. From leadership classes to industry specific classes all are designed to help you advance your skillset in a particular area. Check out these professional development classes being offered during winter quarter. Winter quarter begins January 4th, 2022. Register today!

Wishing you a season full of warmth and joy!

Happy Holidays!
We are so thankful for our community's support this year and are excited for the year ahead. Thank you for all you do as a supporter, and friend! We are so grateful to have you a part of our continuing education community.  It has meant so much to us to share virtual and in person classes with you over the past year and we look forward to another year of bringing you great classes from our top-notch instructors. 

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Gayle Johnson

Meet Instructor Gayle Johnson
Continuing Education at North Seattle College offers a variety of in-person leadership and management classes. Each are designed to help you advance your skillset in a particular area. For winter quarter we are offering a Leadership and Management Series taught by Gayle Johnson.

Give the Gift of Classes This Holiday Season

Give the gift of learning!
The holidays are around the corner and Continuing Education at North Seattle College is offering some great classes perfect for the season of giving! Why not give the gift of classes this year? From sewing, fitness, cooking to photography and painting there is a class for everyone on your holiday list! 

Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving!
This Thanksgiving we thank you for being a student and friend to Continuing Education at North Seattle College.

Handmade by Design 

Handmade Bird Ornaments Class
In our opinion handmade items and gifts are wonderful any time of the year! This year why not try making a fabric bird?

New Classes Coming Winter Quarter!

New Winter Quarter Classes
The weather has begun to change here in the Pacific Northwest, the temperatures are cooler, and the days shorter. Time to start thinking about activities to pass the wintery months. Winter quarter registration starts next week and is the perfect place to start your winter activity planning.

Check Out These Great Classes Happening in November

November Classes
Mindfulness, Cooking and Exploring Washington are just a few class topics happening in November! Check out the blog for all class offerings and register today!

Small Business Classes to Get You on Track

Small Business Classes to Get You on Track
Are you a small business owner or dreaming about becoming one? Our small business classes are designed to empower and educate you every step of the way. Check out these four classes beginning soon! Don’t miss out, register today! 

Fall Quarter Starts Today!

Welcome Fall Quarter!
Fall has officially begun! The weather is cooling and the leaves are changing color. With the changing of the season comes the beginning of Fall quarter! Check out these great classes starting the first two weeks in October! It's not too late to register!

Fitness Classes You Can Do on Your Lunch Break

Lunch Break Workouts
If lunchtime is your only free time of the day to sneak in a quick workout, we’ve got you covered! In fact, you don’t even need to leave your office to do these classes! So, pack a sack lunch and join us for these great Zoom fitness classes perfect for the lunch hour!

Classes that Promote Purpose, Growth and Creativity

Classes that Promote Purpose, Growth and Creativity
Creativity comes in many forms. It is the land of endless possibility and a completely unique part of who you are. Everyone is creative. Whether you think you are or not, you are. Once recognized and acknowledged you can find ways to use your creativity for personal growth. North has a number of classes that promote purpose, growth and creativity. Fall quarter starts Sept 27th, enroll now!

4 Fall Classes that Inspire Change

Fall Quarter Registration Open!
Fall traditionally signals change. The weather here in the PNW turns cooler and the trees begin to show their autumn glory. For North Seattle Continuing Education, it means bringing you more great classes to help you learn a new skill, move up in your current career, start a new career, or keep up with changes in your profession. Register today for one of our in person or online classes!  

On Campus Class Favorites Returning Fall Quarter

Class Favorites Returning Fall Quarter

The start of fall quarter is almost upon us, and we are excited to announce that some of your favorite classes are back to meeting in person on campus! Registration for fall quarter officially begins Aug 2nd and here is just a preview of some of your favorites being offered.

A Celebration of Creativity: The 7th Annual CE Student Art Show

Art Show Exhibition

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

This past year, most of us found ourselves staying home more than we ever have before. Connection with others frequently happened virtually through video-conferencing. We had to establish new routines that mostly happened from inside our own houses. As we navigated this “new normal,” many turned to Continuing Education classes as a way to connect with others and find inspiration. This year’s 7th Annual CE Student Art Show is a testament to our ability to adapt. All of the art works featured in the exhibit were made in classes held online with students working on their pieces at home.

Printmaking at Home: A Student's Perspective

Marianne in class
Eleven of us were arranged in a grid across my laptop screen, peering at Nico, our instructor. We had all signed up for Printmaking at Home, a Zoom block print class that would teach us how to make surprisingly gorgeous art prints, even working on our kitchen countertops, bedroom desks, or dining room tables.

New Classes for Summer!


We've added some exciting new classes for summer! These virtual classes are designed to bring new experiences, perspectives, and skills to you, wherever you are. Get to know our summer birds, develop your eye for composing photos, build your own website, and more!

Fred Radke, Founding Faculty

Jazz Ensemble 2019 Performance

Let’s step back to the fall of 1970; the very first quarter students ventured onto the newly-constructed North Seattle College. No cell phones, no personal computers, no Zoom… and no music rooms! When Fred Radke came to campus as a founding member of the Music Program, there was no dedicated space for the program yet to speak of.

“We needed places to teach!” Radke remembers. “Well, we commandeered a restroom, draped it off, hung cardboard. We had rooms all over the college! We made a lecture hall into a concert hall.”

Essential Writing Tips: Balancing Complexity with Clarity

Person Writing at Laptop

Remember the last time you were reading about a new subject or unfamiliar concept and felt frustrated? Maybe the author assumed you know more than you do. Or chose to use jargon that made getting through a paragraph feel futile. 

Capture the Moment: Photography Basics with Robert Stahl

Persian Carpet, Photo by Bob Stahl

The best camera is the one you have with you, right? Not always. If you’ve ever tried to capture the beauty of a sunset, that bird you spotted on a hike, or your child’s winning soccer goal with a camera phone, the results may have lacked the magic that inspired you in the first place. But with a little practice, you can capture the moment in all it’s clarity and depth with your digital DLSR or mirrorless camera.

Following a Lead: Getting Started in Audiobook Narration

Home Recording

By Rebecca Lee

I’ve always been fascinated by the magic of voice-over. But while living in Los Angeles, working on a career in comedic acting and writing, I always heard that a few people in Hollywood did the majority of the work. Fast forward seven years and I’m not only recording audiobooks, but publishing them as well. How did I get here?

6 Fundamental Investment Rules

Miles Goodwin

By Miles Goodwin

One of the experts that we study in class teaches us that everything you need to know to be a successful investor, you’ve learned by the 6th grade. Wall Street likes to mystify what it does so that you feel the need to ask them for advice. But the fact of the matter is that the rules are simple, easily understood, and you learn all of them in my class. Let’s start with the basics...

Sculpting a New Perspective

CJ Carter Working on Sculpture

CJ Carter Reflects on International Artist Residency 

Experiencing a change in scenery, even just a short break from regular routines and responsibilities, can inspire new ideas, perspectives, and motivation. Ceramics Instructor CJ Carter made just such a leap, taking a position as the Young Artist-in-Residence at Guldagergaard - International Ceramic Research Center in Denmark. As this summer residency is coming to a close, we checked in with CJ to find out more about this transformative experience and how it will inform their teaching.