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In the Classroom

Teaching in Zoom and Canvas

With on-going limitations on face-to-face instruction, we've put together some resources to help you get ready to teach using Zoom. Please review the step-by-step directions for setting up and initiating your Zoom class. We also have a video overview.

Zoom PDF Guide

Zoom Video Guide

Additional Zoom Videos

Trouble with Canvas? Contact our eLearning team.

Using Instructor Computer and Data Projector in Classroom

You can logon to the instructor's computer in every classroom on campus.

  1. Turn on and logon to the instructor computer with the Continuing Ed username and password (Email Continuing Education).
  2. Turn on data projector using the remote control
  3. Turn on ELMO (this is the white lamp-like visual projector that sits on the desk near the instructor's computer); make sure it is set to display PC/Computer
  4. Press Windows-P keys on keyboard and select "Duplicate' or you may need to double-click on the icon "Duplicate Desktop" that apppears on the computer monitor screen
  5. If the computer desktop does not display on the projector screen:
    a.  Make sure the video switch-box is set for "PC" and not "DOC CAM" (for Elmo Document Camera) or "LAPTOP"
    b.  Make sure the projector input is NOT Video (may be either RGB,  PC, Comp, depending on the remote you're using
    c.  If you still cannot get the data projector to display, call Information Technology Help Desk at 206-934-3630

Classroom Etiquette

Please arrive a little early before class starts so you are ready to teach on time and plan on staying until the end of your class for any student questions.  If you have an emergency that keeps you from teaching, please contact our office right away.  We will contact your students and schedule a makeup session for the missed class.

Please learn your students' names and use them.  This has a significant impact on student satisfaction.  Remember that most students come to Continuing Education class to have a good time -- if you have fun, they will as well.

Please leave the classroom in the same configuration (furniture, equipment) in which you find it.  Please report any computer, software or equipment that is not working as soon as possible. Lock the door when class is over.

Information Technology and Media Help

Call 206-934-3630 for help with Information Technology and Media Services

Class Evaluation

After your class is over, students will be emailed a class evaluation form.  Please make an announcement to your class and encourage them to complete the evalution.