Continuing Education Units/Au Pairs

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Continuing Education Units/Au Pairs

Are you an au pair? Do you need to get documentation for your employer that you attended a class this quarter? Or do you simply want to get a certificate showing you took a course with us?
Register for the Continuing Education Units (CEU) Fee to get a certificate showing your attendance/completion of a course.

Earn Continuing Education Units or CEUs to verify the completion and/or attendance of a class which is often required of individuals employed as au pair(s) in the US. You are required to complete and return a CEU Request Form with instructor’s signature to the Continuing Education office within 30 days of completing your class. Once received, we will provide you with a certificate verifying your attendance and awarding you CEUs. Students must register each quarter in which they wish to earn CEUs. Please contact for further information. Note: Students who are requesting CEU's for a prior quarter will be required to pay the CEU late fee which is a $30 late fee

CEUs are calculated by the total hours of the class and awarded based on student attendance and participation. For example, if the class is 30 hours then your CEU letter will reflect 30 hours or 3.0 CEUs. However, if you have to miss a class due to illness or vacation, then we will deduct the hours from your total hours/CEUs.

What classes qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEU's)?

Any in-person class qualifies for CEU's. Additionally, if the Au Pair agency you work for approves online learning and/or our online courses you may receive unit credit for those classes. Please check with your agency before signing up for one of our online classes to ensure class approval. 

CEU's Process