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Clock Hours

Teachers who would like to earn Clock Hours with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for their Continuing Education class can do so by registering for the Clock Hours Fee. Pay this fee one time each quarter and earn clock hours for multiple classes! In order to grant clock hours, we need attendance verification from the course instructor or your Certificate of Completion for online classes offered through an educational partner. Not all Continuing Education courses are approved by Continuing Education for Clock Hours. Please contact for further information about eligible courses.

Clock Hours Process

Art, language and other in-person CE courses may be approved for clock hours if they meet one of the following content standards:

WAC 181-85-202

- School and district improvement efforts

- Education frameworks and curriculum alignment

- Content of current or anticipated assignment

Contact before registration to inquire about clock hour eligibility.

Below is a list of approved online classes for K-12 educators. 

• A to Z Grant Writing• Solving Classroom Discipline Problems
• Common Core Standards for English Language Arts K-5• Solving Classroom Discipline Problems II
• Content Literacy: Grades 6-12• Spanish in the Classroom
• Creating a Classroom Website• Speed Spanish
• Creating Classroom Centers• Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success• Substitute Teacher Preparation
• Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom• Survival Kit for New Teachers
• Differentiating K-12 Assessments• Talking Circles: A Restorative Approach to Student Discipline
• Empowering Students With Disabilities• Teaching High School Students
• Enhancing Language Development in Childhood• Teaching Math: Grades 4-6
• Generational Learning Styles• Teaching Science: Grades 4-6
• Grammar Refresher• Teaching Smarter With SMART Boards
• Guided Reading and Writing: Strategies for Maximum Student Achievement• Teaching Students With ADHD
• Guided Reading: Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom• Teaching Students With Autism: Strategies for Success
• Integrating Technology in the Classroom• Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities
• Merrill Ream Speed Reading• Teaching Writing: Grades 4-6
• Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 in the Classroom• Teaching Writing: Grades K-3
• Ready, Set, Read!• The Creative Classroom
• Response to Intervention: Reading Strategies That Work• The Differentiated Instruction and Response to Intervention Connection
• Singapore Math Strategies: Advanced Model Drawing for Grades 6-9• Understanding Adolescents
• Singapore Math Strategies: Model Drawing for Grades 1-6• Using the Internet in the Classroom
• Singapore Math: Number Sense and Computational Strategies