Office Staff

Christy Isaacson, Director

Christy enjoys being an administrator in higher education, and as a self-professed lifelong learner, continuing education is an even more perfect fit for her. She loves working with a team of talented people to provide high quality, affordable classes for adult learners. Christy believes that student satisfaction and positive learning outcomes should be the primary goals of a successful continuing education program.

Janet Sekijima, Programming Specialist

Janet is someone who thrives on and loves learning in all its many forms, so this is her job from heaven. She gets to meet so many creative, quirky and unusual individuals who come to Continuing Education with new class proposals on subjects they are totally jazzed by. Janet has had the opportunity to take or visit many of our classes—from poetry writing, Japanese, Pilates, printmaking, sign language, Tai Chi, to dinosaurs and birding. She's like many of our students who come to take our classes to get inspired, rejuvenated and energized- looking for connection and kindred spirits. Janet is thankful to be working every day in a team of fresh young people who are smart and funny and who keep her sharp and on her toes. 

Marianne Legg, Program Coordinator

Marianne has been in Continuing Education for more than three years, and is having a grand time, surrounded by people having fun AND learning something herself every day. In addition to education, art is her passion, and the wonderful thing about Continuing Ed at North is that she can have both education and art in one package. In her spare time, she gardens, reads, and solves TV murders with her partner Bob.

Cole Hornaday, Marketing Specialist

Cole is a relentless learner. Thanks to his love of learning he’s been blessed with numerous opportunities to follow his heart. From acting and design to professional writing, promotions and marketing, Cole has discovered learning is not unlike like an addiction, one from which he prefers never to recover. What better gig for him than to spend each working day helping support the incredible students and spread the word about the remarkable courses offered through NSC Continuing Education?