Emergency Procedures

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Emergency Procedures

What to do if you get sick, your car breaks down, or are somehow unable to make it to class

During office hours:

Please give as much advance notice to our office as possible so that we may notify students, put a sign on the classroom door, and arrange a make-up session for the missed class. Call our main line at 206-934-3705 (save this number in your phone) or try to reach a staff member. Alternately, you can email the Continuing Education office at conted@seattlecolleges.edu.

After office hours:

If it is outside of office hours -  say your class starts at 7pm, and you're waylaid at 6pm – call Security at 206-934-3636 (save this number in your phone, too) and ask them to put a sign on the door notifying students that class is cancelled. Also, if you have access to your roster in CampusCE, you can access your class roster and email and call the students.

Inclement weather (oh no, it’s snowing)

There are many ways to check if North Seattle College has closed due to the weather. Browse the ways here.

Please note: occasionally, the Continuing Ed office will make a more conservative decision to cancel classes before the greater NSC campus. In that event, we will notify instructors and students.

If classes are cancelled, we will generally try to schedule a make-up class session for the week following the original last day of class. 

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