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Handmade Bird Ornaments Class

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In our opinion handmade items and gifts are wonderful any time of the year! This year why not try making a fabric bird? These little bird ornaments are easy to sew by hand, or with a little help from a sewing machine. They can be made from small amounts of fabric, even an old favorite shirt.  Sarah Norsworthy, CE Instructor

In this class you will sew the birds and then embellish with a little embroidery and maybe a button or bead for the eye. The birds can be hung in a window to look as if they are flying, on a tree or house plant, or make a nice gift. 

Instructor Sara Norsworthy is teaching this fun Fabric Bird Ornaments class on Saturday, December 4th from 9am-12pm PST via Zoom. Click here to register today!


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