Problem Solving and Decision Making

As business teams grow larger in an organization and a leader is responsible for more people, decision-making becomes more complex. Various levels of decision-making need to be established, otherwise an organization begins to stagnate with one person making all decisions. There will be a discussion around delegating decisions and creating rules around what levels can do what. Once established, a leader needs to empower team members to make appropriate decisions. And if decisions cannot reach a consensus, then what is the escalation plan to ensure action occurs. Problem solving, although similar to decision-making, requires a different set of techniques to come to a resolution. Various stages of problem solving are discussed in detail: identify the problem, formulate potential solutions, weigh the pros/cons of each solution, determine the path forward in resolving the problem, measure the success of the solution.

  • Jul 09, 2024 to Aug 06, 2024
    6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Session(s): 5; Tuesday
  • Location : CC Bldg, Room 3349
    9600 College Way N,Seattle,98103

  • Fee: $150

  • Summer 2024

  • Number of Sessions: 5 NS - CC - Gen Clrm - CC3349 - Tu 6:30PM - 8:30PM