CJ Carter

CJ Carter ceramics instructor at North Seattle College

CJ is a small-batch production potter and ceramics teacher, though their passion is figurative sculpture. They first picked up clay after college in 2012 and have been hooked on the expressive qualities of the material ever since. CJ prefers to work on a scale nearly life-sized so that they may interact more intimately with their work, their hands as their primary tool.

CJ’s work explores feminine power through a lens of nature, mythology, and folklore. They identify as non-binary, and use this experience to blend stereotypically masculine and feminine qualities, challenging the gender binary. The goal is for the figures to be as human as possible - imperfect and relatable. CJ desires to converse with viewers, utilizing familiar mythological symbolism to comment on the human condition.

Outside of creating and teaching ceramics, CJ is also inspired by being a personal trainer and fitness coach; they’re constantly amazed at what the human body is capable of and seek to express these endless possibilities with art.

CJ has exhibited in Denmark and the United States with work in private collections and institutions such as the Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center and the Columbia City Gallery.