Ayesha Mohyuddin

Instructor Ayesha Mohyuddin

Ayesha Mohyuddin is a contemporary jewelry artist who explores identity, spirituality, and ways of knowing through body-related objects. Ayesha is excited by the histories contained in the materials she uses, from metal and stone to fruit and salt. Her recent work combines food, the tools of the kitchen, and the format of jewelry to physically express the complexities of home, history, and identity. Born and raised in Tennessee, Ayesha received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design and her BFA in Sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis. https://www.ayeshamohyuddin.com/

Beginning Jewelry Fabrication
Summer 2024

  • Jul 10, 2024 to Aug 14, 2024 (6 sessions total)
  • Fee: $340
  • Item: 13456
Hollow Form Workshop
Summer 2024

  • Jul 20, 2024 to Jul 21, 2024 (2 sessions total)
  • Fee: $190
  • Item: 14303