Inspire your Home Office with Feng Shui

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Many of us are spending more time at home under the current stay-at-home orders than we ever have before. Besides feeling a little cooped up, we may be noticing other aspects of our living space that don’t feel quite right.

Feng Shui instructor Nicolette Vajtay has worked with clients and students for over 15 years to create home and office environments that positively affect mood, creativity, and productivity. The ancient principles of Feng Shui illustrate how the design of our home and the placement of our décor can create a positive, uplifting energy, or can deplete energy, thus compromising body, soul, spirit, health, and vitality.   

If you’re working from home, you may find some of her insights especially relevant right now. Small changes can have a big impact if you’re squeezing a work space into a hallway or corner of your bedroom out of necessity and a seeming lack of options. If you have a dedicated office space, reevaluating the space from a Feng Shui perspective may lead to improvements and revived energy. (Students in Nicolette’s spring session of Inspire Your Home and Life with Feng Shui, will apply these principles to a simple floor plan of their home.) 

Consider the client highlighted in the video below whose office space was a table in her dining room. Just a few small changes made a dramatic difference.

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Some of the Feng Shui principles Nicolette applied in this situation include:Desk  

Desk Location and Seating: Where is your desk in relation to the door? Which direction do you face when seated at your desk? Position your desk in a feng shui “commanding position” to attract stronger and more successful energies to your work area. This means you do not have your back to the door and your desk is not in line with it.

View: If possible, arrange yourself with a view of something soothing and inspiring. If you must face a wall while working at your desk consider making the wall "disappear" with a strategically placed piece of art.

Plants: Plants activate positive energy and neutralize negative energy while improving air quality. They also serve to soften sharp corners. Consider relocating a house plant to your work space to keep you company!

Clutter: Clutter can make us feel stressed and distracted and in Feng Shui represent blocks in moving forward. Clutter produces negative energy so clearing away as much as we can may have a positive impact.  

During this stressful time, consider opportunities like this to improve the energy of your space. Join Nicolette in class for a personalized approach and learn to identify hundreds of energy lifters and energy depleters. It might be one positive step to take today that has long-lasting effects.

Images reflect what NOT to do when applying Feng Shui principles

Learn more about Nicolette Vajtay’s Feng Shui practice by visiting her website and YouTube Channel, Inspired Living Feng Shui.

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