Dive into Summer Creativity and Wellness: Art, Fitness, and Language Classes

Dive into Summer Creativity and Wellness: Art, Fitness, and Language Classes

Summer Quarter Classes

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Summer quarter is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to dive into something new! Whether you're looking to master a new art form, improve your fitness, or learn a new language, we've got something for everyone. Check out these awesome classes starting this month!  Click the class title to register!

Advanced Abstract Water Colors Class

Advanced Abstract Watercolors - Date: 06/25/2024 

Keep pushing the boundaries of self-expression with advanced techniques in Abstract Watercolor. Learn to use masking fluid and salt to create stunning effects and work on creating cohesive bodies of work. Discussions will cover framing and display options to showcase your masterpieces. 

Why You’ll Love It: Perfect for experienced watercolor artists ready to take their work to the next level. 

Landscape Painting with Oils Class

Landscape Painting with Oils - Date: 06/25/2024 

Explore the great outdoors with plein-air oil painting. Learn to prepare canvases and mix paints on-site, capturing the essence of the landscape around you. Discover techniques to abstract and interpret what you see into your unique style. 

Why You’ll Love It: Ideal for artists who love nature and want to bring their vision to life. 

Beginning Guitar Class

Beginning Guitar 1 - Date: 06/25/2024 

Ready to rock? Pick up the basics of guitar playing in a fun and friendly environment. Learn chords, strum patterns, and basic theory while playing your favorite songs. No prior experience needed—just bring your enthusiasm! 

Why You’ll Love It: Great for aspiring musicians looking to start their musical journey. 

Experience the benefits of Tai Chi with simple exercises that use a wooden dowel to guide energy flow. This low-impact aerobic system is great for stress relief, improved circulation, and enhanced coordination. 

Why You’ll Love It: Perfect for anyone looking for a gentle yet effective workout. 

Japanese Class

Conversational Japanese II - Date: 06/25/2024 

Expand your Japanese skills with more complex conversations and cultural insights. Learn to make plans, ask for permission, and express likes and dislikes while diving deeper into verb conjugations. 

Why You’ll Love It: Ideal for those who have completed Conversational Japanese I or have basic Japanese knowledge. 

Japanese Class

Conversational Japanese I  - Date: 06/26/2024 

Start your Japanese journey with this beginner class. Learn useful phrases, vocabulary, and grammar, and get a taste of Japanese culture and customs through fun class activities. 

Why You’ll Love It: Perfect for beginners and those wanting to refresh their basic Japanese. 

Sign Language 2 Class

Sign Language - Level 2  - Date: 06/26/2024 

Take your sign language skills to the next level with an increased focus on communication strategies, vocabulary, and grammar. Ideal for those who have completed the basic course and want to continue developing their skills. 

Why You’ll Love It: Great for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and use of sign language. 

Adaptive Fitness Class

Adaptive Fitness - Date: 06/26/2024 

A gentle exercise class designed to improve strength and flexibility through mild to moderate exertion. Suitable for all levels, with personalized modifications and one-on-one attention to ensure comfort and safety. 

Why You’ll Love It: Ideal for those looking for a supportive, inclusive fitness environment. 

Toefl ESL Prep Class

TOEFL Preparation - Date: 06/26/2024 

Get ready to ace the TOEFL with our comprehensive preparation class. Focus on reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills needed for the test, along with valuable academic skills that will help in other areas. 

Why You’ll Love It: Essential for non-native English speakers aiming to excel in academic environments. 

Cake Decorating Class

The Art of Cake Decorating  - Date: 06/30/2024 

Join award-winning Sugar Artist Michele Sweeney and learn to create stunning cakes from scratch. This hands-on class covers baking, buttercream making, and piping techniques to transform your cakes into works of art. 

Why You’ll Love It: Perfect for those who want to impress at parties with professional-looking cakes. 

Ready to join the fun? 

Jump into a new adventure and discover your hidden talents! Don’t miss out—sign up for a class today. Let’s make this summer the best one yet!  

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