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There's still time to register for these NEW upcoming classes for Winter quarter! Click on class title to register today!3D Art Classes

Wood Carving for Beginners 

During this class you will carve a three-dimensional figure or object. The instructor has been practicing the art of wood carving for many years and will show you how to go about it, from the different tools to use to what woods to choose for your project. This is the perfect place to start as a beginning wood carver. 

3/4/2024 - 3/18/2024 6:00 - 9:00PM 3 ses M Barjuei AS Bldg Room 1530Business Skill Classes

Toot Your Own Horn: Communicate Your Strengths 

Would you like to have a deeper awareness of your strengths and be able to express them more clearly when interviewing for a job or networking? Many of us have an idea of our strengths, but we feel unsure about how to express them with others. Others may be unaware of their strengths and don’t even know where to begin. In this highly interactive workshop, you will identify and clarify your key strengths your talents, skills and abilities. By the end of this class, you will walk away with a deepened awareness of your key strengths and express them with passion, clarity and confidence. 

3/5/2024 - 3/12/2024 6:30 - 8:30PM 2 ses Tu Tabor CC Bldg Room 3450

Cooking Classes

Plant-Based Cooking 

Enjoy hearty plant-based recipes in this class. Transform bell peppers into stuffed peppers with hearty grains and lentils, you won’t believe there is no meat in this satisfying dish. Learn to cook grain mixes to flavorful perfection. We will also make a hearty salad and winter vinaigrette and round our meal off with vegan Cowboy cookies. 

2/18/2024 - 2/18/2024 2:00 - 5:00PM 1 ses Su Sweeney Online; Zoom


Winter Favorites: Pork 

Join Chef Michele and learn to transform winter veggies and pork tenderloin into the ultimate cozy winter meal. Learn to make an herb marinade, roasted root vegetables and how to pan sear and roast your pork tenderloin. We will also make homemade applesauce to accompany our meal. 

2/24/2024 - 2/24/2024 2:00 - 5:00PM 1 ses Sa Sweeney Online; Zoom 


Winter Favorites: French Gnocchi 

You may be familiar with potato Gnocchi but are you familiar with French Gnocchi? Learn to make dough based French Gnocchi. We will also roast a winter favorite; Butternut squash to create a delicious salad and toss it with a homemade warm cider vinaigrette creating the perfect dish for our French Gnocchi to accompany. 

3/2/2024 - 3/2/2024 2:00 - 5:00PM 1 ses Sa Sweeney Online; Zoom 


Sweet and Savory Quick Breads 

Quick breads are just that; quick. In this class learn to make a southern style blueberry biscuit bake perfect for breakfast or dessert and savory corn muffins with southwest compound butter. 

3/9/2024 - 3/9/2024 2:00 - 5:00PM 1 ses Sa Sweeney Online; Zoom

Dessert Classes

Easy Puff Pastry Desserts 

Puff pastry can be intimidating but not in this class. Chef Michele will show you the easy way to make French apple tarts, cherry turnovers, and classic cheese Danish perfect for anytime of the year.

2/17/2024 - 2/17/2024 2:00 - 5:00PM 1 ses Sa Sweeney Online; Zoom


Cupcake Decorating 

Learn how to make delicious buttercream along with how to color it using gel colors and how to achieve the perfect consistency for piping techniques and apply those techniques and designs to your cupcakes. Bring an apron and wear comfy clothes. $40 cash supply fee paid to instructor. 

3/10/2024 - 3/10/2024 1:00 - 5:00PM 1 ses Su Sweeney ED Bldg Room 2843A

Nature & Science Classes

Marine and Large Land Mammals of WA 

Did you know that 28 marine mammals are found in Washington State’s coastal waters? This class is a great starting place for anyone who is interested in nature and Washington’s coastal environment. If it is a land mammal and longer than 30 inches, we will talk about it. Bears, hooved animals, weasels, dogs, rodents, cats and more are covered in this class with lots of fun facts and just a little bit of humor. Handouts are included. 

3/4/2024 - 3/4/2024 6:30 - 8:30PM 1 ses M Kaynor Online; Zoom