Welcome to Winter Quarter 2024!

Welcome to Winter Quarter 2024

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Happy New Year! Winter quarter has officially begun! There is still plenty of time to register for upcoming classes. Look at what’s ahead. Click the class title to review class description and to register.


Art Classes

01/16/2024 Abstract Ink and Collage

01/16/2024 Beginning Guitar 1

01/16/2024 Improv Acting and Comedy

01/17/2024 Photography Basics: Techniques and Art

01/18/2024 Free-Writing Workshop

01/20/2024 Pens, Ink and Art

01/22/2024 Easy Steps to Great Grammar

01/22/2024 Monoprinting Without a Press

01/24/2024 Winter at Seattle Art Galleries

01/29/2024 Hand Embroidered Valentine Card Making

01/29/2024 Impressionism in Art and Music

01/29/2024 Spoon Carving for Beginners

01/31/2024 Beginning Fiction: Crash Course

02/03/2024 Custom Made Wine Bouquets

02/07/2024 The Craft of Character and Story Structure

02/08/2024 Learn Graphic Design Basics

02/26/2024 Linocut Printmaking Workshop for Beginners

02/26/2024 Stone Setting

03/04/2024 3D Wood Carving for Beginners


Cooking Classes

01/13/2024 Winter Favorites: Chicken

01/20/2024 Gluten Free Baking

01/27/2024 Winter Favorites: Soup

02/03/2024 Sweet and Savory Crepes

02/10/2024 Cocktails & Nibbles

02/17/2024 Easy Puff Pastry Desserts

02/24/2024 Winter Favorites: Pork

02/25/2024 Cookie Decorating

03/02/2024 Winter Favorites: French Gnocchi

03/09/2024 Sweet and Savory Quick Breads

03/10/2024 Cupcake Decorating 


Enrichment Classes

01/17/2024 Calm in the Chaos: Strategies for Enhancing Stress Resilience

01/22/2024 Olympic Mtns and the 3 Great Floods of WA

01/31/2024 CSI - Myth vs. Fact

01/31/2024 People and Money - Rock Your Retirement

02/01/2024 Birds of the Skagit Flats

02/01/2024 Understanding Trauma-Critical Foundations to Know

02/06/2024 Winter Birds of Washington

02/10/2024 Medieval Cities of Italy

02/10/2024 Serging Made Simple

02/10/2024 Welcome to Medicare

02/24/2024 Beginning Sewing II

02/24/2024 Rock and Mineral Identification

03/02/2024 Don't Be Fooled - Critical Thinking 101

03/04/2024 Marine and Large Land Mammals of WA

03/09/2024 Credit Tips for Homebuyers

03/16/2024 Mindfulness Meditation for Stressful Situations


Fitness Classes

01/11/2024 Ballroom Basics and Beyond

01/11/2024 East Coast Swing

01/11/2024 Sustaining Vitality: Qigong

01/16/2024 Introduction to Traditional Clogging

01/24/2024 Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

01/24/2024 Pranayama Yoga

01/27/2024 Zumba

01/29/2024 Gentle Yoga for Beginners

02/06/2024 Learning in Action: Introduction to the Alexander Technique


Garden Classes

01/24/2024 Urban Farming 101

02/21/2024 Edible Gardening: Indoor Seed Starting

03/13/2024 Edible Gardening: Spring


Language Classes

01/11/2024 Sign Language - Level 2

01/18/2024 Conversational Japanese I

01/22/2024 Intermediate ESL Workshop: Reading and Writing

01/24/2024 TOEFL Preparation

02/03/2024 Continuing French: Esprit critique

02/07/2024 Intermediate Spanish Conversation Level 1

02/13/2024 Italian for Beginners 


Professional Classes

01/11/2024 Starting a Legal Home-Based Food Business

01/16/2024 Business Writing

01/18/2024 Intro to Audiobook Narration and Production at Home

01/31/2024 Canva for Beginners

01/30/2024 Audio Engineering: Mixing 101

01/30/2024 Audio Engineering: ProTools 101 & 102 (DAW)

02/05/2024 Sell It on eBay!

02/06/2024 Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business

02/06/2024 Introduction to Public Speaking

02/15/2024 Don't Throw It Away- Sell It Online

02/26/2024 Freelance Writing for Fun and Profit

03/05/2024 Toot Your Own Horn: Communicate Your Strengths

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