Dive Into Learning This Summer

Summer Quarter Registration Opens May 13th! Summer Quarter Classes

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Dive Into Learning This Summer

Registration opens online Monday, May 13th at 8am!

Summer is the ideal time to explore new learning opportunities, and Continuing Education classes at North Seattle College provide a pathway for personal and professional growth. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, explore a new hobby, or revisit past interests, enrolling in a class this summer can be a transformative experience. Since 1970, we’ve provided lifelong learning to the community, and we look forward to spending the summer with you!

Check out our Summer class line up! Click class title to view full class description.


Art Classes


6/25 Abstract Watercolors

6/25 Advanced Abstract Watercolors

6/25 Landscape Drawing

6/25 Landscape Painting with Oils

6/25 Jewelry Special Projects

6/25 Beginning Guitar 1

6/26 Landscape Drawing

6/26 Mixed Media Self Abstraction

6/26 Summer at Seattle Art Galleries

6/26 Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics

6/27 Landscape Painting with Oils

6/27 Beginning Sewing

6/28 Figure Drawing

6/29 Beginning Ceramics

6/29 Beginning Ceramics

7/1 Russian Art of the Avant-Garde

7/1 Watercoloring Watery Landscapes

7/1 3D Wood Carving for Beginners

7/3 Ukulele for Beginners

7/8 Freelance Writing for Fun and Profit

7/10 Watercoloring Garden Veggies and Fruits

7/10 Beginning Jewelry Fabrication

7/10 Introduction to Afro-Caribbean Drum & Dance

7/10 Photography Basics: Techniques and Art

7/10 Craft & Create: Writing in Community

7/10 Let's Write a Mystery

7/11 Charcoal Drawing

7/11 Free-Writing Workshop

7/13 Watercolors for Beginners

7/13 Soldering Chain Bracelet Workshop

7/13 Using Available Light: Intermediate Photography

7/20 Hollow Form Workshop

7/20 Beginning Sewing II

7/22 Spoon Carving for Beginners

7/24 Confessions of a Writing Contest Judge

7/27 Calligraphy for Beginners and Beyond

8/2 Oaxacan Carving

8/8 Slow Stitch Wearable Art

8/12 Linocut Printmaking Workshop for Beginners


Enrichment Classes


6/26 Flying Saucer Cinema

7/9 First Time Homebuyers Class

7/11 Understanding Trauma-Critical Foundations to Know

7/13 Introduction to Feng Shui

7/13 Camino de Santiago (St. James Way) Walking Ancient Sites of Europe

7/16 How to Sell Your House

7/17 People and Money - Rock Your Retirement

7/18 Birds of Jetty Island

7/20 Welcome to Medicare

8/3 Credit Tips for Homebuyers

8/10 Forest Bathing

8/10 Introduction to Human Design


Fitness Classes


6/25 Strength and Conditioning

6/25 Tai Chi Ruler: Simple Exercises for Health and Longevity

6/26 Adaptive Fitness

6/27 Ballroom Basics and Beyond

6/27 East Coast Swing

6/27 Sustaining Vitality: Qigong

6/29 Beginning Tai Chi: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail

6/29 Continuing Tai Chi: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail 2

7/1 Beginning Ballet for Adults

7/2 Learning in Action: Introduction to the Alexander Technique

7/3 Qigong Meditation

7/17 Yoga for the Body

7/20 Zumba

7/23 Learning in Action: A Deepening Application of Alexander Technique


Food Classes


6/30 The Art of Cake Decorating

7/13 Cookie Decorating


Home & Garden


7/9 Basic Hands-On Home Repair and Maintenance

7/10 Discovering the Bugs in Your Garden

7/13 Basic Carpentry and Woodworking

7/18 Edible Gardening: Fall and Winter


Language Classes


6/24 Everyday English and Life Skills

6/25 Conversational Japanese II

6/25 Basic Sign Language

6/26 TOEFL Preparation

6/26 Conversational Japanese I

6/26 Sign Language - Level 2

6/27 Sign Language - Level 3

7/1 Intermediate ESL Workshop: Reading and Writing

7/1 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 1

7/2 Business Writing

7/2 Intermediate Spanish Conversation 3

7/3 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 3

7/13 French from France: Putting Our French to Work


Professional Classes


7/9 Problem Solving and Decision Making

9/6 Adult Family Home Administrator Course


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