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The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has begun to change! The sun is setting earlier and the tempatures have started to cool down. Soon it will be time to break out the sweaters and raincoat's for cozier weather. It's a great time to start looking at indoor activities and Continuing Education at North Seattle College has you covered! Fall quarter officially starts on Sept 25th. If you haven't signed up nows the time. 

Check out these upcoming classes!

September Class Offerings


9/26 Craft & Create: Writing in Community

9/27 NaNoWriMo: Write a Novel in 30 Days

9/27 Jazz Ensemble

9/29 Acrylic Painting

9/30 Pens, Ink and Art


9/25 How to Purchase a Sewing Machine or Serger

9/26 The World of Poker

9/27 Bridge for Beginners

9/27 People and Money - Rock Your Retirement

9/30 Mindfulness Meditation for Stressful Situations


9/25 Everyday English Conversation

9/27 TOEFL Preparation

October Class Offerings


10/2 Impressionism in Art and Music

10/2 The Secrets of Powerful Writing

10/2 Learn Graphic Design Basics

10/3 Charcoal Drawing

10/3 Explore the Mysteries of Color

10/3 Improv Acting and Comedy

10/5 Guided Autobiography

10/10 Beginning Guitar 1

10/12 Free-Writing Workshop

10/16 Raised Stencil Wall Art and Painting for Beginners


10/2 The Quilted Jacket

10/12 Trauma: A Study in Humanity

10/14 Credit: Key to Achieving Home Ownership

10/16 Travel The World Volunteering

10/18 Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

10/21 Identification of Common Birds of Washington

10/21 Forest Bathing

10/28 Alter This - Alter That!

10/28 Don't Be Fooled - Critical Thinking 101


10/5 Alpine Tricky Zwiefacher Dance

10/10 Learning in Action: Introduction to the Alexander Technique

10/14 Zumba

10/18 Philosophy of Yoga Through Posture Practice


10/8 Rustic Pie Basics

10/21 The Art of Cakes

10/29 Asian Wraps and Rolls


10/5 Conversational Japanese I

10/7 Continuing French: Esprit critique

10/10 Conversational Japanese II


10/5 Intro to Audiobook Narration and Production at Home

10/5 Introduction to Public Speaking

10/9 Social Media Basics

10/10 Content Creation with Canva for Beginners

10/10 Business Writing

10/31 Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business

November Class Offerings


11/6 Intermediate Watercoloring Fall Florals

11/6 Monoprinting Without a Press

11/6 Writing A Short Memoir

11/13 Tataki Zome: Plant Portraits with a Hammer


11/4 Serging Made Simple

11/6 Fall Common Western Washington Birds

11/8 Building Resilience in Times of Stress

11/13 Extraordinary Birds of Washington

11/14 Geology of Mount Rainier

11/15 CSI - Myth vs. Fact


11/12 Holiday Bread Baking

11/18 Fall and Holiday Royal Icing Cookies


11/4 Starting a Legal Home-Based Food Business

11/9 Don't Throw It Away- Sell It Online

December Class Offerings


12/2 Holiday Cards in Watercolor


12/2 Holiday Fondant Cookies

12/3 Candy Making: Gift Giving and Entertaining

12/9 Handmade Chocolate Confections

12/16 Family Night: Thai Cooking

Registration is easy!

The quickest way to register for classes is online via our website.

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