Winter Quarter Registration Opens Nov 6th!

Winter Quarter Registration Opens Nov 6th!

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It’s time to start planning what classes you will take this winter! It’s also a wonderful time to consider gifting a class; there is no better gift than the gift of education. From sewing, fitness, cooking to photography and painting there is a class for all on your holiday list!  We have class specific gift certificates! The only requirements are that the purchase is for a North Seattle Continuing Education class currently available for registration and the gift certificate is bought for a specific person. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable. For more information on gift certificates please visit the gift certificate section of our website.


Registration for Winter quarter classes begins online November 6th at 8 am. Mark your calendar! In the meantime, enjoy a preview of what’s to come this quarter! 

Art Classes

01/02/2024 Vocal Performance and Stage Technique Workshop

01/05/2024 Acrylic Painting

01/06/2024 Beginning Ceramics

01/06/2024 Beginning Ceramics

01/08/2024 Introduction to Drawing

01/08/2024 Jewelry Special Projects

01/08/2024 Portrait Painting for Beginners

01/09/2024 Advanced Abstract Watercolor

01/09/2024 Intermediate and Advanced Jewelry

01/09/2024 Oil Painting for Beginners

01/09/2024 Watercolor Paint: Let's Create & Use

01/10/2024 Beginning Jewelry Fabrication

01/10/2024 Charcoal Drawing

01/10/2024 Jazz Ensemble

01/10/2024 Mixed Media Self Abstraction

01/11/2024 Abstract Watercolors

01/11/2024 Guided Autobiography

01/11/2024 Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics

01/11/2024 Introduction to Drawing II

01/11/2024 Oil Painting 2

01/12/2024 Abstract Oils with Cold Wax Medium

01/12/2024 Figure Drawing

01/16/2024 Abstract Ink and Collage

01/16/2024 Beginning Guitar 1

01/16/2024 Improv Acting and Comedy

01/17/2024 Photography Basics: Techniques and Art

01/18/2024 Free-Writing Workshop

01/20/2024 Black and White: Intermediate Photography

01/20/2024 Calligraphy for Beginners

01/20/2024 Pens, Ink and Art

01/22/2024 Easy Steps to Great Grammar

01/22/2024 Monoprinting Without a Press

01/24/2024 Winter at Seattle Art Galleries

01/29/2024 Impressionism in Art and Music

01/29/2024 Spoon Carving for Beginners

01/29/2024 Watercolor Washington

01/31/2024 Beginning Fiction: Crash Course

02/07/2024 Craft & Create: Writing in Community

02/08/2024 Learn Graphic Design Basics

02/24/2024 Watercolors for Beginners

02/26/2024 Freelance Writing for Fun and Profit

02/26/2024 Linocut Printmaking Workshop for Beginners

02/26/2024 Stone Setting

03/04/2024 Wood Carving for Beginners

Gift Certificates Available!

Enrichment Classes

01/04/2024 Beginning Sewing

01/06/2024 Alter This - Alter That!

01/06/2024 Ukrainian History and Culture

01/08/2024 Recycle and Reuse Your Textiles

01/09/2024 Pattern Making: Drafting Pants

01/11/2024 Flying Saucer Cinema

01/17/2024 Building Resilience in Times of Stress

01/22/2024 Olympic Mtns and the 3 Great Floods of WA

01/23/2024 The World of Poker

01/29/2024 Hand Embroidered Valentine Card Making

01/31/2024 CSI - Myth vs. Fact

01/31/2024 People and Money - Rock Your Retirement

02/01/2024 Birds of the Skagit Flats

02/01/2024 Understanding Trauma-Critical Foundations to Know

02/03/2024 Custom Made Wine Bouquets

02/06/2024 Winter Birds of Washington

02/10/2024 Medieval Cities of Italy

02/10/2024 Serging Made Simple

02/10/2024 Welcome to Medicare

02/24/2024 Beginning Sewing II

02/24/2024 Rock and Mineral Identification

03/02/2024 Don't Be Fooled - Critical Thinking 101

03/04/2024 Marine and Large Land Mammals of WA

03/09/2024 Credit Tips for Homebuyers

03/16/2024 Mindfulness Meditation for Stressful Situations

Fitness Classes

01/06/2024 Beginning Tai Chi: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail

01/06/2024 Continuing Tai Chi: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail 2

01/09/2024 Strength and Conditioning

01/09/2024 Tai Chi Ruler: Simple Exercises for Health and Longevity

01/10/2024 Adaptive Fitness

01/11/2024 Ballroom Basics and Beyond

01/11/2024 East Coast Swing

01/11/2024 Sustaining Vitality: Qigong

01/16/2024 Introduction to Traditional Clogging

01/24/2024 Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

01/24/2024 Pranayama Yoga

01/27/2024 Zumba

01/29/2024 Gentle Yoga for Beginners

02/06/2024 Learning in Action: Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Cooking & Baking Classes

01/06/2024 Plant-Based Cooking

01/07/2024 The Art of Cakes

01/13/2024 Winter Favorites: Chicken

01/20/2024 Gluten Free Baking

01/27/2024 Winter Favorites: Soup

02/03/2024 Sweet and Savory Crepes

02/10/2024 Cocktails & Nibbles

02/17/2024 Easy Puff Pastry Desserts

02/24/2024 Winter Favorites: Pork

02/25/2024 Cookie Decorating

03/02/2024 Winter Favorites: French Gnocchi

03/09/2024 Sweet and Savory Quick Breads

03/10/2024 Cupcake Decorating

Home & Garden Classes

01/11/2024 Basic Hands-On Home Repair and Maintenance

01/24/2024 Urban Farming 101

02/10/2024 Basic Carpentry and Woodworking

02/21/2024 Edible Gardening: Indoor Seed Starting

03/13/2024 Edible Gardening: Spring

Language Classes

01/08/2024 Everyday English and Life Skills

01/08/2024 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 1

01/09/2024 Basic Sign Language

01/09/2024 French for Beginners

01/09/2024 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 1

01/10/2024 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 2

01/11/2024 Sign Language - Level 2

01/18/2024 Conversational Japanese I

01/22/2024 Intermediate ESL Workshop: Reading and Writing

01/24/2024 TOEFL Preparation

02/03/2024 Continuing French: Esprit critique

02/06/2024 Spanish Conversation for Beginners Level 1

02/07/2024 Intermediate Spanish Conversation Level 1

02/13/2024 Italian for Beginners

Professional Classes

01/05/2024 Adult Family Home Administrator Course

01/11/2024 Starting a Legal Home-Based Food Business

01/16/2024 Adult Family Home Administrator Course

01/16/2024 Business Writing

01/18/2024 Intro to Audiobook Narration and Production at Home

01/30/2024 Audio Engineering: Mixing 101

01/30/2024 Audio Engineering: ProTools 101 & 102 (DAW)

01/31/2024 Canva for Beginners

02/05/2024 Sell It on eBay!

02/06/2024 Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business

02/06/2024 Introduction to Public Speaking

02/15/2024 Don't Throw It Away- Sell It Online

02/23/2024 Adult Family Home Administrator Course

03/05/2024 Toot Your Own Horn: Communicate Your Strengths

Winter 2024 Catalog

Winter Quarter Catalog

Browse our Winter catalog online. Two formats available!


Winter Quarter Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Office Location:
Our office is located on the ground level, west side of the College Center (CC) building, near the campus security office. Our Room number is 1152.




Jazz Ensemble Vocal Concert

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