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It’s hard to believe Fall is around the corner! Time to start planning out what classes you will take when the season changes. Registration for Fall quarter begins online Aug 7th at 8 am. Mark your calendar!

Please note that we are no longer mailing a printed version of our catalog. You can however download a pdf version or visit our website for class offerings. Links are provided below:

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Here's a glimpse of some of the fantastic classes coming this Fall! Click on the class title to view class details, date, time, cost and to register online.

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Art Classes

09/25/2023 Introduction to Drawing

09/25/2023 Vocal Performance and Stage Technique Workshop

09/25/2023 Watercoloring Fall Botanicals

09/26/2023 Craft & Create: Writing in Community

09/26/2023 Oil Painting for Beginners

09/27/2023 Fall at Seattle Art Galleries

09/27/2023 Jazz Ensemble

09/27/2023 Mixed Media Self Abstraction

09/27/2023 NaNoWriMo: Write a Novel in 30 Days

09/28/2023 Abstract Watercolors

09/28/2023 Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics

09/28/2023 Introduction to Drawing II

09/28/2023 Oil Painting 2

09/29/2023 Acrylic Painting

09/29/2023 Figure Drawing

09/30/2023 Beginning Ceramics

09/30/2023 Beginning Ceramics

09/30/2023 Pens, Ink and Art

10/02/2023 Impressionism in Art and Music

10/02/2023 Learn Graphic Design Basics

10/02/2023 Portrait Painting for Beginners

10/02/2023 The Secrets of Powerful Writing

10/03/2023 Charcoal Drawing

10/03/2023 Explore the Mysteries of Color

10/03/2023 Improv Acting and Comedy

10/03/2023 Intermediate and Advanced Jewelry

10/04/2023 Beginning Jewelry Fabrication

10/04/2023 Photography Basics: Techniques and Art

10/05/2023 Alpine Tricky Zwiefacher Dance

10/05/2023 Guided Autobiography

10/07/2023 Intermediate Nature Photography

10/09/2023 Linocut Printmaking Workshop for Beginners

10/09/2023 Stone Setting and Soldering Intensive

10/10/2023 Abstract Ink and Collage

10/10/2023 Beginning Guitar 1

10/12/2023 Free-Writing Workshop

10/12/2023 Jewelry Special Projects

10/16/2023 Raised Stencil Wall Art and Painting for Beginners

10/21/2023 Watercolors for Beginners

10/30/2023 Spoon Carving for Beginners

11/06/2023 Intermediate Watercoloring Fall Florals

11/06/2023 Monoprinting Without a Press

11/06/2023 Writing A Short Memoir

11/13/2023 Tataki Zome: Plant Portraits with a Hammer

Enrichment Classes

09/25/2023 How to Purchase a Sewing Machine or Serger

09/26/2023 Pattern Making: Drafting Pants

09/26/2023 The World of Poker

09/27/2023 Bridge for Beginners

09/27/2023 People and Money - Rock Your Retirement

09/28/2023 Beginning Sewing

09/30/2023 Beginning Sewing II: Sewing with Patterns

09/30/2023 Mindfulness Meditation for Stressful Situations

10/02/2023 The Quilted Jacket

10/05/2023 Intro to Audiobook Narration and Production at Home

10/12/2023 Trauma: A Study in Humanity

10/14/2023 Credit: Key to Achieving Home Ownership

10/16/2023 Travel The World Volunteering

10/18/2023 Flying Saucer Cinema

10/19/2023 Birds of the Duwamish River Valley

10/19/2023 Fall Birds of Puget Sound Lowlands

10/21/2023 Forest Bathing

10/21/2023 Identification of Common Birds of Washington

10/28/2023 Alter This - Alter That!

10/28/2023 Don't Be Fooled - Critical Thinking 101

11/04/2023 Serging Made Simple

11/06/2023 Fall Common Western Washington Birds

11/07/2023 Columbia River Flood Basalts and the Missoula Floods

11/08/2023 Building Resilience in Times of Stress

11/09/2023 Don't Throw It Away- Sell It Online

11/13/2023 Extraordinary Birds of Washington

11/14/2023 Geology of Mount Rainier

11/15/2023 CSI - Myth vs. Fact

11/18/2023 Welcome to Medicare

Fitness Classes

09/26/2023 Strength and Conditioning

09/26/2023 Tai Chi Ruler: Simple Exercises for Health and Longevity

09/28/2023 Ballroom Basics and Beyond

09/28/2023 Sustaining Vitality: Qigong

09/28/2023 West Coast Swing

09/30/2023 Beginning Tai Chi: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail

09/30/2023 Continuing Tai Chi: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail 2

10/10/2023 Learning in Action: Introduction to the Alexander Technique

10/14/2023 Zumba

10/18/2023 Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

10/18/2023 Philosophy of Yoga Through Posture Practice

Baking & Cooking Classes

10/07/2023 The Art of Cakes

10/08/2023 Rustic Pie Basics

10/29/2023 Asian Wraps and Rolls

11/12/2023 Holiday Bread Baking

11/18/2023 Fall and Holiday Royal Icing Cookies

12/02/2023 Holiday Fondant Cookies

12/03/2023 Candy Making: Gift Giving and Entertaining

12/09/2023 Handmade Chocolate Confections

12/16/2023 Family Night: Thai Cooking

Home & Garden Classes

10/12/2023 Basic Hands-On Home Repair and Maintenance

10/28/2023 Basic Carpentry and Woodworking

Language Classes

09/25/2023 Everyday English Conversation

09/25/2023 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 1

09/26/2023 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 2

09/26/2023 Basic Sign Language

09/27/2023 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 3

09/27/2023 TOEFL Preparation

09/28/2023 Sign Language - Level 2

10/02/2023 Intermediate ESL Workshop: Speaking and Listening

10/05/2023 Conversational Japanese I

10/07/2023 Continuing French: Esprit critique

10/10/2023 Conversational Japanese II

Professional Classes

10/09/2023 Social Media Basics

10/10/2023 Business Writing

10/10/2023 Content Creation with Canva for Beginners

10/31/2023 Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business

11/04/2023 Starting a Legal Home-Based Food Business

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