Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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Wishing you a season full of warmth and joy!


We are so thankful for our community's support this year and are excited for the year ahead. Thank you for all you do as a supporter, and friend! We are so grateful to have you a part of our continuing education community.  

It has meant so much to us to share virtual and in person classes with you over the past year and we look forward to another year of bringing you great classes from our top-notch instructors. 

We will be closed from December 22nd - January 1st to rest, recharge, and spend time with our loved ones. We hope you take some time to do the same! We look forward to connecting after the holiday break. Our office will re-open on January 2nd for the start of Winter quarter!

The Continuing Education Staff 
Myra, Donna, Michele, Yazmin and Susan

Online registration is available 24/7 via our website at www.learnatnorth.org.

Upcoming January Classes

01/02/2024 Vocal Performance and Stage Technique Workshop

01/04/2024 Beginning Sewing

01/05/2024 Acrylic Painting

01/06/2024 Alter This - Alter That!

01/06/2024 Beginning Tai Chi: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail

01/06/2024 Continuing Tai Chi: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail 2

01/06/2024 Plant-Based Cooking

01/06/2024 Ukrainian History and Culture

01/07/2024 The Art of Cakes

01/08/2024 Everyday English and Life Skills

01/08/2024 Jewelry Special Projects

01/08/2024 Portrait Painting for Beginners

01/08/2024 Recycle and Reuse Your Textiles

01/09/2024 Advanced Abstract Watercolor

01/09/2024 French for Beginners

01/09/2024 Oil Painting for Beginners

01/09/2024 Pattern Making: Drafting Pants

01/09/2024 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 1

01/09/2024 Strength and Conditioning

01/09/2024 Tai Chi Ruler: Simple Exercises for Health and Longevity

01/09/2024 Watercolor Paint: Let's Create & Use

01/10/2024 Adaptive Fitness

01/10/2024 Beginning Jewelry Fabrication

01/10/2024 Charcoal Drawing

01/10/2024 Jazz Ensemble

01/10/2024 Mixed Media Self Abstraction

01/10/2024 Spanish for Fun and Travel - Level 2

01/11/2024 Abstract Watercolors

01/11/2024 Ballroom Basics and Beyond

01/11/2024 East Coast Swing

01/11/2024 Flying Saucer Cinema

01/11/2024 Guided Autobiography

01/11/2024 Introduction to Drawing II

01/11/2024 Oil Painting 2

01/11/2024 Sign Language - Level 2

01/11/2024 Starting a Legal Home-Based Food Business

01/11/2024 Sustaining Vitality: Qigong

01/12/2024 Abstract Oils with Cold Wax Medium

01/12/2024 Figure Drawing

01/13/2024 Winter Favorites: Chicken

01/16/2024 Abstract Ink and Collage

01/16/2024 Beginning Guitar 1

01/16/2024 Business Writing

01/16/2024 Improv Acting and Comedy

01/16/2024 Introduction to Traditional Clogging

01/17/2024 Building Resilience in Times of Stress

01/17/2024 Photography Basics: Techniques and Art

01/18/2024 Conversational Japanese I

01/18/2024 Free-Writing Workshop

01/18/2024 Intro to Audiobook Narration and Production at Home

01/20/2024 Black and White: Intermediate Photography

01/20/2024 Calligraphy for Beginners

01/20/2024 Gluten Free Baking

01/20/2024 Pens, Ink and Art

01/22/2024 Easy Steps to Great Grammar

01/22/2024 Intermediate ESL Workshop: Reading and Writing

01/22/2024 Monoprinting Without a Press

01/22/2024 Olympic Mtns and the 3 Great Floods of WA

01/23/2024 The World of Poker

01/24/2024 Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

01/24/2024 Pranayama Yoga

01/24/2024 TOEFL Preparation

01/24/2024 Urban Farming 101

01/24/2024 Winter at Seattle Art Galleries

01/27/2024 Winter Favorites: Soup

01/27/2024 Zumba

01/29/2024 Gentle Yoga for Beginners

01/29/2024 Hand Embroidered Valentine Card Making

01/29/2024 Impressionism in Art and Music

01/29/2024 Spoon Carving for Beginners

01/30/2024 Audio Engineering: Mixing 101

01/30/2024 Audio Engineering: ProTools 101 & 102 (DAW)

01/31/2024 Beginning Fiction: Crash Course

01/31/2024 Canva for Beginners

01/31/2024 CSI - Myth vs. Fact

01/31/2024 People and Money - Rock Your Retirement

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